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Elizabeth Lopez


I started my journey into social work by working with children in foster care. I was inspired by their courage and resilience despite many personal setbacks. I was determined to find some way of making this work part of my daily life and soon after, obtained my Masters in Social Work from University of Georgia, School of Social Work. After graduation, I worked in families homes helping keep their kids out of hospitals and in school. Several years later, I joined a team of highly trained DBT therapists in a psychiatric residential treatment center. This provided me with many professional and personal opportunities for growth. I was able to continue my work with children in foster care and adoption and collaborate with adolescents struggling with self harm and suicide. While remaining a member of that team, I eventually branched out into private practice and this is where I am today. I approach all of my work with a nonjudgmental, curious mind and balance acceptance of where you are now, with change to get you where you ultimately want to be.


DBT - C (child) - standard DBT adapted to fit elementary age children and focuses on intense emotions, temper tantrums, aggression, self harm, suicide thoughts

Theraplay® I and II  - a family based treatment focusing on areas of the parent/child relationship that need to improve

DBT - focuses on reducing life threatening behaviors (suicide attempts and thoughts, self harm) and increasing your reasons for living 

Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy - helps you to live your life with fullness and joy

Prolonged Exposure for Emotional Avoidance - focuses on moving past traumatic experiences and away from avoiding your feelings so you can live without chronic fear and sadness

Along with Dr. Kim Vay, Elizabeth Lopez is in the first group of clinicians pursuing comprehensive training in DBT-C (DBT for Children) under Francheska Perepletchikova, PhD. DBT-C is an evidence based treatment model that treats the child and their family with modifications to standard DBT skills. 


My first passion is working with young children, ages 5 - 12. I'm not intimidated by aggressive or oppositional behaviors or children with a history of abuse and neglect. I have significant experience working with a range of mental and emotional health diagnoses in young children and will collaborate with your child's school and psychiatrist, if needed. I am skilled in helping parents manage their child's challenging behaviors and assisting parent and child in learning new ways to control intense emotions. I understand parents are often overwhelmed by their child's disruptive behaviors and require plenty of patience and understanding when beginning the treatment process. 

I truly enjoy working with adolescents, ages 13-17 and young adults, ages 18-26. I see clients with a range of problems. I don't shy away from anxiety, depression, self harm, thoughts of suicide, or trauma. I have patience for you and your family. I've worked in outpatient, in home and residential settings making it possible for me to think of your needs in unique ways. My goal is to help you find your life worth living, stay out of hospitals and move from misery to joy. 

Allyse Russell


Allyse Russell is an intensively trained DBT therapist providing individual treatment, family therapy, and skills training. She received her Bachelor’s in Psychology from Georgia Southern University and her Master’s in Social Work from Kennesaw State University. Allyse also holds a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Modern Languages with a specialization in Spanish from Georgia Southern University and is conversationally fluent in Spanish.

Allyse works with adolescents and adults struggling with depression, anxiety, life-threatening behaviors, and emotional and behavioral effects of trauma. Allyse also specializes in working with families to manage their own emotions in caring for children and adolescents with challenging emotional and behavioral needs. I enjoy working with clients to develop skills and strategies to create sustainable change and balance acceptance in their lives. 


Core Clinical Training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (2015) and 

Prolonged Exposure and Exposure for Emotional Avoidance (2017)

with Shari Manning, PhD and Annie McCall, LMHC of Treatment Implementation Collaborative

Level One Theraplay® and Group Theraplay® (2015)

 Allyse looks forward to providing a non-judgmental and validating environment for her clients and helping them to decrease emotional suffering and work towards attaining their goals.

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